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About Our District


The Huntley Fire Protection District is a separate taxing body which handles fire protection and emergency rescue service for the Village of Huntley, Lake in the Hills, Algonquin, Hampshire, Gilberts, unincorporated Kane and McHenry counties, and a 9-mile stretch of Interstate 90. The current district population is approximately 62,000 residents.


The Huntley Fire Protection District currently has 82 full-time members, as well as 20 part-time members. The District is staffed by a Chief, Deputy Chief of Administration, Deputy Chief of Operations, Executive Administrator, Administrative Assistant, Fire Marshal, Director of Training and Safety, Director of Mobile Integrated Health, Director of Emergency Medical Services, Mechanic, 3 Battalion Chiefs, and 18 Lieutenants. The entire district is under the direction of a five member elected Board of Trustees and a 3-member Board of Commissioners.

The District is a member of MABAS Division 5 and Division 4/5 Lake and McHenry County Specialized Response Team. The District places a high degree of importance on the customer service it provides to both internal and external customers.


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The Huntley Fire Protection District attained the distinguished Accreditation Status through the Commission Fire Accreditation International (CFAI). The CFAI program, among other things, provides an excellent self-assessment and peer review process for the Huntley Fire Protection District and other fire and rescue agencies across the United States.

Accreditation is a way to measure the effectiveness and efficiency of a fire department by determining community risks and fire safety needs, accurately evaluating the organization’s performance, and providing a method for continuous improvement. Measuring professionalism and service delivery of fire and emergency services is a new concept for most departments.

The recognition as an Accredited Agency demonstrates the Fire Department’s professionalism, excellence in organizational development and strong commitment to providing outstanding fire and emergency services to our citizens.

Most importantly, becoming an accredited fire agency allows us to enhance our quality improvement processes and continue providing the highest level of fire and rescue services to the community that the Huntley Fire Protection District protects.

IAFF Local 4106

The Huntley Fire Fighters Union currently has 69 IAFF members in its union, belonging to the International Association of Fire Fighters and Associated Fire Fighters of Illinois.


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