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Residential Knox Box

The Residential Knox-Box® is a high security key safe designed for single family homes that only local emergency responders can access. With a Residential KNOX-BOX installed, emergency responders can respond quickly, without forcing entry. They simply remove your entrance key stored inside, provide medical assistance and re-lock your door when they leave.

  • One-time purchase, no monthly monitoring fee

  • Key locked in KNOX-BOX

  • Key readily available to responders; no relying on neighbor to be home to let responders inside

  • Door or windows not damaged by responders trying to access your home

  • Security a top priority – KNOX-BOX is UL listed against physical attack

There are 2 KNOX-Boxes available:

  • 1 key version

  • 2 key version

Please Call Knox Box directly at 800-552-5669. If you have any questions you can Contact Us

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