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Fire Prevention

Commercial Knox Box

The owner of any new commercial building constructed within the Huntley Fire Protection District is required by Code to purchase and install a minimum of one 3200 Series Knox Box High Security Key Box.

Keys necessary to access the building are furnished by the owner and stored in each key box to allow Fire Department access during an after-hours emergency. The Huntley Fire Protection District is the only key holder with access to each key box located within the District and key use is electronically monitored for accountability purposes.

To purchase a Commercial KNOX-BOX® visit the KNOX-BOX® Website. Simply enter Huntley FPD in the Department Name field, select an item that meets the requirements outlined above and add to cart.

Annual Fire Inspection Checklist

Please note that this is not an all-inclusive document, but a reference tool intended to assist business owners in ongoing safety maintenance and preparation for annual inspection.

Building Code

Ordinances pertaining to building code will vary based on village or county in which the property is located. For your convenience, we have provided an overview of the most recent code amendments adopted in each community. Click on the tab associated with the village or county you are researching. A quick link to their website has been provided for you along with the telephone number should you have any additional questions relating to this or other village ordinances.

Turning Radius 

IFC 503.2.4
All Fire Department access roads are required to comply with 2012 IFC Section 503. Turning radius requirements are addressed in the local amendments. See the PDF below for “Truck 983 Dimensions” when designing any Fire Department access roads within the Huntley Fire Protection District.

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